Welcome to District Forest Office, Salyan(DFO Salyan)

Welcome District Forest Office

Salyan is located in the western part of Rapti Zone. The political boundary of the district is associated with Rolpa in the East, Surkhet & Banke in West, Jajarkot & Rukum in North and Dang & Banke in the south. There are 40 VDCs and Sharada Municipality in the district divided into 11 Ilaka and 2 electoral regions. The geographical distribution of population is found diverse in terms of household numbers, caste and ethnicity. The total population and household of the district are 242444 and 46556 respectively whereas average household size comprises 5.21 and population growth rate is 1.27 percent. Total Female Population of the district is 126475 (52.17%) and Male population is 115969 (47.83%). Population density of the district is 165.83/ Sq Km. According to the religion, Hindu population has dominated with 97% whereas other comprises  Buddhism, Islam and unidentified. Approximately 57% of the population is composed of Chhetri where as others are Brahman, Janajati and Dalits. Majority of the population belongs to Indo-Aryan group whereas Tibeto-Burman group comprises of limited population.

The population census report of 2011 shows that out of the total district HHs 49% of the households fall under poor category. However; well being assessment carried out among CFUG households shows 58% under poor category.  This is an indication that poor people have more engagement in the natural resource protection and conservation. The economic base of the district is pre-dominantly agricultural where above 80% of population are engaged in agriculture and deriving their livelihoods from this sector. The major sources of income of the district are vegetable production, ginger, fruit production, NTFPs and resin collection. NTFPs and resin collection are the major sources of revenue generation in the district. High level of poverty and lack of employment opportunities in the district, seasonal and permanent migration are in increasing trend. People from remote areas go to India, gulf countries and in different parts of Nepal as an un-skilled laborer for seeking their livelihoods.

To manage the vast forest and other allied natural resources the present day DFO Salyan was established in 2017 BS as " Salyan Forest Division". The work area of that division was even including the present day DFO Rukum. It was only in BS 2040 that "Salyan Forest Division" became "District Forest Office, Salyan" and the area was reduced by separating DFO Rukum. There were several changes in the organizational form of the DFO Salyan since then. However, at present, DFO Salyan has 1 Sector Forest Office, and 8 numbers of Ilak Forest Offices.

Salyan is rich in forest area coverage. Out of the total area of the district, there is about 65.7% of forest land which is very high compared to the national average. Some facts and figures relating to land use and community forestry are given below link -